August home sales have been release for the Dayton area, according to a release by Dayton Realtors.

>>US home sales slipped, prices grew more slowly in August

Sales of single-family and condominium units in August were found to be in mostly positive territory.

The number of homes sold in the Miami Valley remained steady compared to last year, the average sales price continued its upward trajectory and hit over $246,000, an increase of 9% from last August, the release said.

The median price saw an increase to at least $209,000, up over 10% from last year.

The 1,614 sales for August produced a cumulative sales volumes of over $397 million, an increase of 10% from last year, according to the release.

The January-August average sales price increased 11% to at least $242,000 while the median sales price of $205,000 also saw a bump of 11%.

Year-to-date sales fell behind those of 2021, with the 11,047 sales decrease 2.5% over last year’s figures, Dayton Realtors said.

Tight inventory continued in the Dayton area as listings submitted last month decreased 14% from last year to over 1,700.

For the January-August period, at least 13,000 listings were entered, down by 2% from last year, according to Dayton Realtors.